Isaac Orloff: Since He Popped Out


Isaac Orloff is a graduate of Montclair High 05′ and currently goes to Maryland Institute College of Art.

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Do you want some gum?

Uhh yeah sure. Is that one of the questions?

What is it about illustration work that you like?

I like the fact that it’s problem solving with your own spin. You can approach it with your own perspective. There’s a lot of creativity. It’s really open in terms of the different fields it can be applied in, like movies, books, newspapers, etc. It’s comprised of visual metaphors, your work has to say something that the viewer can easily understand. You should be able to look at an illustration and know what it’s about without looking at the title. Also, the process requires that you have to deal with a client and directors so its more of a group effort.

How long have you been focusing on it?

Since I popped out.

At what point did you begin to master your skill and/or get to the level you are at today? When did things really click?

Each year I look at what I’ve done before and I think it’s terrible. So every year I am getting better. The second you are totally happy with something you’ve done is the second you stop progressing.

Why did you choose Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA)?

I went to pre-college there and I found that when I applied to other schools I compared everything to MICA and nothing was up to par. The facilities, teaching, housing, it’s one of a kind-by far the best I’ve seen.

Who has influenced you most? Why?

A couple of my favorite artists now. Graffiti was a major influence on me but now I want nothing to do with it. (Note: Orloff was wrongly accused of graffiti-ing and has suffered absurd charges since.) Marce Gabbana was one of the first artists whose work I started following religiously because it’ll take your breath away, you can’t believe it was done by hand…I never really researched artists or the art world until recently.

What are your favorite illustrations to do?

The trick with illustration is to make everything fun by putting your own spin on it. There should never be something you hate doing because you can find something to make it fun-it’s the nature of illustration.

What style of art do you appreciate most to observe?

Other illustrators I’d say. Really creative artists…anything that can make me laugh.

What are working on now?

Absolutely nothing because I’m working almost every day. It’s depressing.

How do your ideas surface?

Haha. I have no idea. I don’t know, I get ideas from anything. I’ll be sitting around daydreaming and thinking of nothing and an idea of a waffle maker swimming in an ocean of pancakes will pop up in my head and then I will draw it.

What are your future plans?

Stay alive, haha. I don’t really plan ahead. Have a good time (he says confidently).

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