Only the Freshest Produce…

Since 1998, the Vienna Vegetable Orchestra has been playing those healthy products from the earth: scraping, rubbing, and blowing their way to sounds of all sorts. What they call “vegetable style” is rhythmically inspired by a range of sounds from classical, to electronica, house beats, dub sounds, and of course the most obvious of the bunch, noise. The members finely craft 12 different vegetables to create such musical sounds including the carrot recorder, celeriac bongos, and the hwhat? aubergine clap? I personally would want to play the pumpkin bongos, how about you?

Their sound is definitely eerie, but surprisingly has a beat you can follow and perhaps enjoy. Playing at farmers markets

To listen to some tracks, or just view more details on their website, click this.

I’d recommend watching the video….

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