Handwriting: The Key to Your Personality?

Graphology is the analysis of handwriting to find out aspects of the psychology, or inner and true personality of the observed subject. There have been many positive testimonials proving the validity of this form of psychoanalytical observation, but most empirical studies fail to conclude the same. In Ode Magazine, they gathered the handwriting of four major figures: Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Frank Sinatra, and Joseph Stalin. Can you guess who these describe?

1: “The heavy dark pressure of the strokes, the emphatic and excessive use of underlining in several words, the many aggressive angular formations of the lower zone and other places, as well as noticeable variations of pressure all attest to his obsessive temperament and desire to dominate and coerce.”

2: “The close word spacing and rounded forms indicate that he needs people and craves security and closeness to hide an inner emptiness, while the left slant and variable letter spacing indicate that he finds it very difficult to reveal much of himself and is likely find close relationships difficult. He is a mix of social ease and personal caution, which enables him to relate to other people and put them at ease while revealing little of himself.”

Find out in the quick read Putting graphology to the test: An analysis of four well know people

2 Responses to “Handwriting: The Key to Your Personality?”

  1. graphology is really sweet. i’ve wanted to get my handwriting analyzed for a couple years now.

  2. Nick, you can get your handwriting analysed easily.

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