Lack of Color Bringing You Down?

It seems that in shifting from summer to fall, the color in people’s fashion tends to be passed on to the changing leaves. Brown and black coats line the walkways and cover the simple fashioned thermal layers below. The utility involved in fall and winter fashion is hard to work around. In Boston there is a particular lack of color. Brown, black, brown, tan, black, navy, forest green maybe fill your visual landscape. You can search through a crowd of people without seeing much difference between one wearable sleeping bag to the next. I myself am guilty of this lack of color in leaving the excitement for the summer. But I think there needs to be a change! I am not just speaking for myself, I am speaking for all. Let us sport bright colors to warm the senses in a way that the weather cannot. Lacking ideas? Here is a link to an extreme of this endeavor-fashion in Paris. Getting to this level of dress requires much time and money-something students do not have. So keep it simple, but reference the best.

Multimedia: On the Street: Joie de Vivre Bill Cunningham reports from Paris on the resurgence of color.


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