Is there a scale for human feeling?

When someone says, “I’m really happy” or “I’m depressed”, do you think they really understand the degree of that feeling? How many times have you heard a bimbo claim depression over not finding her size in those must have shoes. That’s an extreme. But truly, do you think some people have the ability to be happier or sadder than others? I believe there can be a few things one can take into consideration when determining the validity of that person’s emotional claim. First, the context. Second, the emotional involvement of that person. And third, the degree of past unrelated emotional levels. For example, if you’ve tried mushrooms or ecstasy, you have experienced highs, and perhaps lows, that are unnatural to a sober mind. In light of this, could you argue that there is a limited natural scale for human feeling, where the ultimate high and low for any one person are biologically inherent? Further, is it possible to realize your emotional degrees without experiencing the extremes?

Lets be honest and ask ourselves, should you try mind altering drugs to get higher?

And if you’re against drugs, why not try this?

How about an orgy?

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