Mechanization & Art: A General Inquiry

spinjennyMechanization has allowed man to go beyond his bodily limitations. It has enabled the production of modern forms unimaginable before post-industrial technology boomed around the world. Yet before modernization, there were the classic forms which were both grand and largely mathematical. C.R. Cockerell is an example of an artist-architect who believes antiquity is in the roots of all artistic design. He argues that mechanization often degrades art. And in many cases, mechanized mass production has demeaned fine design, where original masterpieces are morphed into conveyorbelt productions.  Andy Warhol fed on this phenomena. Many high designers, like Diane von Furstenburg, disapprove of lower end copies of high fashion. However, mass production has harbored many things that have benefited human kind, like medicinal tools, for example. But in terms of artistic design, what overriding effect do you think mechanization has had on art and architecture (if they are even mutually exclusive)? Has modern mechanization detracted from the pure-perfect-symmetrical forms of antiquity? And is this a bad thing? Has mechanization broughten us to an age that has too much to handle? What about the mathematical formulas of symmetry and proportion ancient artists followed? Could this be considered a sort of mechanization?

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