Rob Uslan: Cornering off the Ball Pit


People usually think of artwork as a single object that has been intentionally created by an individual or group. In this feature,  we are going to look at an entire bedroom-as-art where the bedroom serves as a visual, tangible description of the individual who resides there. The things on the wall, the clothes thrown around (or not thrown around), the layout, the music played (or not played), the feel of it all. These are all things that tell us about the person who resides there. In this feature, we are going to loosen up the term “art” and look at the creative output of a talented individual seen through his bedroom.

Last year, Rob Uslan cornered off a section of his room and filled it with those multi-colored plastic balls that are found no where else than playhouses. With this addition, Rob’s room became a spectacle. People keep asking….What’s with the ball pit?

dsc038001It’s been a dream of mine since i was a child to have my whole room full of those balls. One day i had an epiphany where i realized i could actually pull this off.  I had my own place, so i didn’t have to worry about my parents thinking I’ve lost my god damn mind. Also it really wasn’t too expensive.  Cheaper than a new X-box, and I’m sure I’ve gotten way more hours of enjoyment out of my ball bit than most people get with video games….It’s an any purpose device.  It’s not really a device though. I mean, when you get right down to it, it’s a large bucket of stuff. i don’t know, something about just have a jacuzzi sized bucket of colorful stuff is really fun. It doesn’t serve any purpose, it’s just a place to do stuff.



Why did you organize your room in such a way?

The organization of my room is primarily based around my couch and my bed cornering off the ball pit.  Also this way I managed to get my bed and my desk next to a window.

Rob’s hobbies include drawing and painting in enlarged pixels or other geometric patterns.

dsc03819dsc03820dsc03808What attracts you to this style of artwork?

It takes no manual dexterity: just an idea, an ability to plan, and a will to pull it off.

Rob also records electronic music primarily with the programs “Reason” and “Live”.

What sorts of sounds do you like to create?

…weird sound design. I like to make sounds that tickle the brain, SOUNDS THAT MORPH before thy very ears.   Basically sounds that elicit profane explications of wonder and curiosity… sounds that make you go “what the fuck did just you just launch into my ear”.

Rob’s aesthetic fabricates itself in all of his creative output. The drawings shown above, the music that ‘tickles the brain’ in Aphex Twin inspired dimensions, and the ball pit itself is a dynamic diagram of both continuity and chaos of color and shape.

dsc038271Clothing also plays a significant role in the development and display of individual character. Perched delicately next to his desk is a signifier of where Rob’s allegiance lies: a Los Angeles native, the “LA” cap is a brain topping accessory which shows a sense of style similar to his drawings and coincidentally, or perhaps subconsciously the same colors found in the ball pit.dsc03837

What is one of your favorite experiences in your bedroom?
I honestly can’t think of a single defining experience that stands above any other.  But just living in it has been one of my favorite experiences of my life.

Coffee Table Books

Rob is currently a junior at Boston University studying Film/TV with a concentration in English.


3 Responses to “Rob Uslan: Cornering off the Ball Pit”

  1. loved this interview, ellie. kudos!

  2. Great job keeping up on the website ellie. But motherfucker is crazy! And that’s why we love him.

  3. peggy mathis Says:

    robbie baby. u r nucking futs. . peggy ps thats y I love u man.

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