Renewable Material for the iPod

The iPod revolution has long been realized, opening the doors for design that supports such a phenomenon. Considering the function of the thing, the most important accessory is the sound system. Vers individually hand crafts environmentally sound speaker systems that have a strong “rigidity”, or secure sound enclosure that ensures a more accurate sound “allowing the sound to ‘transcend the system”. Each piece takes over a week to complete, and at 200$, this product is a sufficient competitor to regular plastic in the Mac stores.


The company uses different woods for the outside frame including bamboo and different shades of walnut. Particularly unique to the initiative is the core of the speaker system. Eucalyptus and pine from locally sources plantations are are used to construct the MDF core, and with each harvest the trees are replaced.

Check out the retro designs and further details at their website…here


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