Animal Collective & Needing a Solid Soul

This song has a continuously pleasant harmony, unlike many of their seemingly disjointed tracks from former album “Feels”. You can get this video and more tracks from Lastfm’s free music waves.


2 Responses to “Animal Collective & Needing a Solid Soul”

  1. Bill in Sandy Springs Says:

    I just bought this track on itunes. It sounds pretty cool. Is the rest of the album any good?

    nice blog

  2. Thank you for your compliment, Bill in Sandy Springs. The rest of “Merriweather Post Pavillion” has a similar appeal as “My Girls” so I would recommend it. Another song you’ll probably like is “Summertime Clothes” and the more vibrant “Daily Routine”.

    The beats they drop in this album feel stronger and more definitive than past albums which makes me believe they were heavily influenced by dub, minimal techno, with the usual vocals from Beach boy sounding chants.

    Noah Lennox of the group did another project- “Panda Bear” which has more Beach boy sound, same crawl to the song climax. I would also recommend checking out that group.

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