Creating Iconic Brands

“In every successful brand there is a constant truth that stands the test of time and which meets a human need.”

How does a product stay fresh, new, hot on the market? Well the product itself hopefully has strength and worth for consumption. “But truth alone is not enough. In order to stay ahead of changing times, brands need to remain constantly desirable.”

Many products remain dusty on the shelves while others fly off quickly. So what is the major player here? Advertising? Yes, that’s a big one. But how about the product itself? The way it catches your eye…the way it looks in contrast to all the other brands beside it. The way that one container fits so well in the grasp of your hand, better than the less expensive one two containers over, so much better that you will pay the 3 extra dollars!! But before your hand is drawn to touch the product, the seductive label of the product is the first thing that draws your focus like a magnet.

Pearlfisher is a major design agency that remakes labels for brands and “breathes life” into them. Their lungs are so tremendous, they are ranked #1 for Design Effectiveness worldwide. The Innocent Juicy Water label, for example, experienced 100% increase in sales after the first year of launching the product. Pearlfisher considers well the new identity of Innocent to be stand-alone.


“Good design is successful when it has anticipated changing desires through the power of future insight, and interpreted these into precise and truthful strategies for innovative and desirable expression. By design.”

It is interesting that one company can satisfy a variety of consumer markets. By viewing the below examples of their portfolio, it is evident that simple design is one that does very well, just look at Apple. It is important to note that this process isn’t solely based on artistic genius. It is rather from math, statistics really, that design branches and blooms the most effective creations for commerical concerns. Pearlfisher uses “LifeModes”, a future insight program that seeks out evolving trends and big cultural shifts. From this analysis they begin the design process. Below are examples of their successes, what seems to be a template of good design, moreso a consistency in the evolution of consumer culture.



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