Genius Pool: Abelardo Morell

Born in Havana Cuba, this photographer is well known in the art world for his innovative camera obscura images where he projects various parts of the world–exotic and urban alike–onto interior spaces. Times magazine featured him “In Focus”.

“Morell uses the basic principles of camera obscura to create these dreamy superimpositions. In some instances, the outside overpowers the inside, leaving only a trace of the actual interior space…”


“Camera Obscura of Central Park Looking North, Summer 2008″

View highlights of his camera obscura superimpositions in the Read More section or view his website with full works Here.

camera11_empire-state“The Empire State Building in Bedroom, 1994″

camera14_times-square“Times Square in Hotel Room, 1997″

camera49_grand-canal“Grand Canal Looking West Toward the Accademia Bridge in Palazzo Room Under Construction, 2007″

camera24_castle-courtyard“Castle Courtyard in Bedroom, 1999″

100708venicejungle“View of Volta del Canal in Palazzo Room Painted With Jungle Motif, Venice, Italy 2008″


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