The Future of Electronic Music

Simian Mobile Disco

decided to create an electronic live show that wasn’t centered around the clicking of Mac buttons. Instead, this British production and remix team styles their live shows with the same instruments they use to make the recorded sounds in studio, hence the mobile disco. Large modular synths sync with the rest of the equipment and is inimitable: it never does the same thing twice which adds a unique setup in each and every live show.

Check out their MySpace to sample some new music by them.

Click one of the below links to sample and/or purchase their songs via Amazon.

Attack Decay Sustain Release, songs Hustler, I Believe, I Got This Down, and well, you can scroll the rest.

Hustler which features remixes of Hustler.


View the video below to get a personal tour of their set.

Courtesy of Eric Baumann. Photographs for the Boston Phoenix from 4/22/09 show at Paradise Rock Club, Boston.3467053053_7700654017



2 Responses to “The Future of Electronic Music”

  1. These photos are great! Thanks for sharing them. You made the DJ’s look electric themselves…

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