In my first year of college, after seven years on a strict diet of Punk Rock, I turned towards a wider realm of music (how original, right?). Astounded by the beauty and minimalism of Post-Rock and Ambient music, I sunk into my own headphone-dominated world. -D. Tuzman
Name: David Tuzman
Location: Montclair NJ / Pittsburgh PA
Education: Carnegie Mellon University 2009; Electrical and Computer Engineering
Greatest Vice: Ice Cream Sandwiches
Favorite songs on your recent playlists: “Drifter” by Little Bang Theory, “Brother Sport” by Animal Collective, “Arvada” by Motel Motel
Weird Habits/Routines in Creating Music: Recording in my towel after a shower.
Favorite Part of the Process: Finishing.

David Tuzman forms the foundation of his music with repetitive guitar. Without any specific idea of how the song is going to evolve, he records random patterns of sound. It isn’t until most of the sounds are recorded and the mixing ensues does the sound begin to take a discernible shape. Inspired by Do Make Say Think, Explosions in the Sky, and Godspeed, he created his first two tracks to form a soundscape intended for headphone listening:

...I bought my first non-distortion guitar pedal, Line 6 Echo Park. This little baby is so fun, with its tap tempo and delay modeling, not to mention the sick sounds that chirp out when you jerk the time knob. I figured it was time to record some of my own trippy tunes. Armed with an acoustic/electric guitar, Apple Garageband, and a Monster 1/4” to 1/8” converter, I laid down ten minutes of processed guitar and synth loops. Sadly, I only mixed the song on simple Sony headphones, so it sounds muffled on speakers. But on headphones… it’s pretty snazzy.

Listen to SURFACED EUPHORIC from Spring 2007.


A song starts from me screwing around with a delay pedal and figuring out an interesting chord progression.n4806935_32662141_7167

I’ll record it into Logic and then take a few weeks to layer more melodies over it.  As I’m filling in secondary parts, I’ll figure out a new direction to send the song and try something new.  I generally set levels, effects, automation etc as I record new tracks, but once I get sick of playing new diddlies, I go back through the whole song to smooth out everything.  This takes the longest time of anything.  For Hospital_2, I finished recording and was midway through mixing in December 2007, but I didn’t put  on the finishing touches until the middle of Summer 2008. In regards to song development, Hospital_2 is the first song I’ve done with a specific theme. The song is loosely a story of someone’s trip to the emergency room, I invite you to interpret the specifics on your own.

Tuzman does all the recording himself but sends early versions of the song to his friends to get constructive feedback. His general aim?

For the first 2 songs, my main goal was to create a soundscape to be listened to on headphones.  I incorporated a lot of heavy panning, melodies swimming back and forth between your ears, and general trippyness.  A more consistent aim, though, is to create a seemingly monotonous and repetitive sound in order to force the listener to focus less on melody and hooks, and enjoy subtleties in tone and texture.

n1815009_37758486_8264You can access Tuzman’s music on his MySpace, or his Personal Website (under construction but definitely recommended). He has also remixed songs from “The Early” and provided music for short films. One for friend Adam Abada can be viewed below or on Tuzman’s Personal Website.



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