The video linked in this post is an innovative visual story from the ‘alter ego’ of ad agency 1stAveMachine, a “visual storytelling outfit” whose clients range from Audi, to Adidas, to MTV Japan, Samsung and more. Special Guest TV takes you on surreal adventures inside suitcases and other bizarre layers. View a collection of their works at http://specialguesttv.com.

One Response to “SPECIAL GUEST TV”

  1. ln52a650
    I am a huge fan! The picture is perfect to me very crisp even on fast action movies. It is very bright as well, which is perfect in my sunny living room. Finally I think Smart because the integration with the other Samsung product is very smooth, one remote for all without even thinking about it. The plus is you can configure your stocks, weather and local news to show up on the screen. Oh and did I mention the HDTV receiver integrated, it automatically configured a bunch of channel found in the cable; as I only use an Apple TV and a Blu ray player, finding some HDTV channel on the airwave was perfect… loving this product.

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