Duo from Frankfurt Germany, Booka Shade have a unique techno, ambient, funk, pop influenced sound that generates a repetitive and gratifying sound.

Arno Merziger and Walter Kammermeier began in the realm of early 90’s synth-pop under name “Planet Claire” but eventually evolved from light-hearted pop to heavier dance beats, therein changing their name to Booka Shade and in 1995 debuting with the single “Kind of Good”.

It wasn’t until 2004, however, that they released their first proper album, Memento. Below is a song from this album called “Double Identity”. Take note of the pull of sound and tense build up that finally expands into an abundant release that starts around minute 1:52, ends around 2:06.

In 2006 they came out with their next full album, Movements followed by DJ-Kicks series in 07 which was chosen as DJ Magazine’s #1 compilation of the year and Mixmag’s #2. They continued into 2008 with The Sun & The Neon Light which is said to be their most complex and ambitious project to date.

info from and Star Pulse.

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