The legendary DJ Derek, born in 1942…

left his accounting job of 18 years at Cadbury’s to play reggae in the St. Paul’s area of Bristol, UK. In the 50’s Derek developed his skill in and love for music via playing the washboard, where he grew to perform in several popular sets in major music festivals, including The Big Chill and Glastonbury’s.


He MCs in Jamaican Patois, an accent he picked up from a Jamaican barber whom he met in Bristol. DJ Derek spins reggae beats mixed with flavors of ska, soul, rocksteady, and dancehall music. In 2006 he released his first album DJ Derek Presents…Sweet Memory Sounds.Click “Read More” for more media.

2 Responses to “DJ DEREK”

  1. I saw this guy when I went to Notting Hill Arts Club in London this summer. It was weird I really didn’t expect to see that face with that voice.

  2. Chrysanthemum Says:

    i saw Derek play at ’90s lock-ins at the Star and Garter, Bristol – genius…

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