Coming from New Zealand is Shweeb, is the world’s first man powered monorail track. Within transparent pods are bicycle mechanisms that you pedal to glide along the metallic track. And of course, since the only energy source is the rider, it’s eco-friendly. Though, with the 45$ price ticket, it’s not saving much energy in your wallet. 1 to 4 people can ride at a time to stroll, race against others, or race against a clock.

ID7330Pic101Here are some fast facts listed on the Shweeb website:

  • ID13165Pic1You pedal it yourself
  • At a given speed you are using around half the energy of a racing bike and 1/3rd of a mountain bike
  • You race against friends or the clock
  • One to four people can Shweeb at any one time
  • You need to be at least 1.4m tall
  • Opened in November 2007
  • Fully compliant with AS/NZ 3533 Safety Standards

The Technology

Shweeb’s philosophy is that the pace of life is increasing yet the infrastructure for quick mobilization is too taxing on the environment and in costs. Walking is too slow, and bicycling requires personal investment in upkeep. Their solution is the Shweeb, an interconnected monorail system with no traffic lights. Speeds surpass those of bicycles, with a record sprint being 90kph (56mph). When more people ride the system it reduces drag, making the ride easier for everyone. Cycling in this pod requires far less energy than regular bicycle. You won’t fall off from veering away from a car, or trying to answer your phone, nor will you ever get caught in the rain.


The potential is enormous. Zero carbon emissions, the most inexpensive mobilizing infrastructure constructed to date, the Shweeb is ready for urban life.




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