Ben Getchell had an assignment at the age of 16. This project ended up being his last sculpture to date. It is one that he crafted mostly at home so he didn’t have access to class materials…

…so he took a fork, a spoon, and a knife from his kitchen…it worked out pretty well.


The angry, almost evil face is in the midst of being wrapped with vines that represent negativity. The hands block away such restrictive vines, and the quiet, more pleasant face is the final release of negativity. The result is a three dimensional piece that reflects the tumults of high school adolescence, with a final release through the aroma of incense, a drift of energy. What first was for the purpose of burning incense has now become a source of nostalgia for his sophomore year in high school.


The only part i really have a clear memory of building is the hands, because I remember spending a bunch of time sitting in my room looking at my hands.

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