Junior Boys warm up to their songs flawlessly.

Jeremy Greenspan                                         Matt Didemus

A song may start and sound like any other electro band out there today. Heck, with garage band any one can be a maestro and we can all make a simple beat. But Junior Boys takes this simple beginning and builds upon it in such a way that they are warming up to their own sound, coming into and actualizing their potential.

The group combines steady bass tones of skittering rhythms atop bubbling bass tones.  The lyrics have soul, encasing the already intricate melodies with ‘deeper emotional resonance’. The modular synthesizers  produce a synth-pop electronic R&B sound: a flawless contemporary combination.

For a full bio check out their website. Or check out their MySpace. Of the songs available there, “Birthday ” and “In the Morning” are fantastic and moving.


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