Linni Kral’s life force is centered on the taste buds. Flavor, smell, presentation, all those things that go into the beauty that is the culinary art is her playground. This feature is an expository on her love affair with the finer flavors of life, the art of experiencing cuisine.

I’d love to say it started somewhere poetic, like when I cracked the sugary crust on my first creme brulee, but in all honesty, I used to be a huge square when it came to food, and coming out of my white-bread cocoon to become the omnivorous creature I am today took some growing pains.

Raised by a single working mother, Linni rarely experienced the traditional shared family meal and from this lacking arose her acute awareness of how food unites people. And so she began cooking constantly…

bringing together unlikely groups of friends whose commonality rested solely in their love for food. I saw food take people with nothing in common, sometimes not even language, and give them something to talk about. That power is an incredible thing to behold once you realize it’s there, and I’ve never been able to ignore it since.

And so her palate grew. Linni experimented with everything, fascinated with not only the social power of cuisine, but also the eye opening lip smacking expressions of flavor. But inward experience was not enough. Her joy in the social network that food creates spawned a participation in the virtual network through her (now California based ) blogspot Linni Eats World. Here Linni writes eloquently on her food experiences with pictures to supplement her already vision inducing words. As with the completely from scratch PB&J she made seen below…

A lot of people look at food blogs for food porn, regardless of if they plan on cooking the recipes or visiting the restaurants described. As an amateur wannabe photographer, I guess I wouldn’t mind, and would be somewhat flattered, if people came to my page just for that. But ultimately, I want to be able to showcase my writing while also inspiring people to go out and eat amazing shit. I could put that more eloquently, but that’s what it comes down to. There’s so much crap to wade through now that everyone with money who knows how to manhandle a whisk thinks they deserve a restaurant concept. And when people get discouraged, they shy away from the pleasures of eating. That is the last thing I want…

I look at non-foodie friends as projects, in need of conversion. I’m like a Mormon missionary, but for delicious food.

Influences include but are not nearly limited to Ruth Reichl, former editor-in-chief of Gourmet magazine and  Mark Bittman of the NYTimes and many more contemporary food writers and of course the creators themselves, chefs  who have

‘pushed her to run home and write a review faster than she could digest their food’.

Check out her blog, ASAP. Her posts though seemingly long, flow so well your mouth will water. From Pb&J, to California taco trucks, to the example below, you could get really into her world.

And Alinea. The 18-course experiential dining excursion I had here…presented me with concepts no simple mind could even fathom, but [chef] Grant Achatz took it upon himself to create.  [He] served us dishes like kobe beef rib encased in a Guinness sheet and drizzled with pea foam, and the famous grenade-mimicking Hot Potato, Cold Potato: a tiny palm-sized bowl is filled with a cream of truffle soup and has a pin spearing it on a diagonal. At the top end is a very small potato, a slice of black truffle, and a hunk of parmesan cheese. The diner is instructed to “pull the pin” from the bottom of the paraffin wax bowl and down the whole production like a shot. I don’t think I’ll forget what that felt like, from smell to taste to touch to sight, for the rest of my days.


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  1. This is great!

  2. Fantastic piece on a great writer!

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