Man often relates to religion through referencing an icon. This is a material connection which sprouts from the need to connect with something tangible, something that is quite like our physical selves. In this way it is a man made creation. Here, BU art student Casey Poehlein explores this idea through a collage of photographs taken by both herself and by others. She argues here that in placing primacy on religion, he often loses site of natural beauty.

The below is a self-portrait done in oils, branching downwards into a collage of photographs. A self-connection to nature.



  1. awesomeness!

  2. I like her self-portrait a lot. The first work looks like it could be a Thermals’ album cover. She should pass it along to them, haha

  3. Really cool artwork.

  4. casey poehlein Says:

    hey my name is casey poehlein, what a coincidence!

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