Their vision is to preserve music. But what does this mean?

This Jersey duo We Are The HEROES sets out to combine a ‘systematic knowledge of music, engineering skills’, and overall knowledge of music technology to create a new sound. They hope this caliber of sound will carry forth in today’s often depressed radio waves. Comprised of Anthony ‘Antmaestro’ Edwards (above right) and Van ‘Hollywood’ Holland III (above left), the two praise and work off of the oldschool sounds they grew up with,

“while reinventing the new…an oath materialized with the duo’s greater ideal of safeguarding music.

Hollywood brings raw creativity and spunk, while Antmaestro brings a candid refined touch based on his classical knowledge of the arts. Together these masterminds create a ‘Heroic’ sound.”

Check out their MySpace to hear their current resume. RECOMMENDED: Kaisha Jones “I’m Me”.

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