Camera clicks flutter from Bosco’s Canon Rebel XSi. Once his eye is on a frame, he employs the photographer’s  alveolar trill to capture the slightest second of a moment.

I think my initial interest in photography started at home. As a kid, my mother had converted a small we’d used for storage into a darkroom…I’d occasionally go in and watch her develop pictures… at the time the whole process seemed short of alchemy to me (images appearing on empty paper!), I think that photography always felt somewhat familiar because of it.

Bosco Lliso has been actively pursuing photography for five years. Starting in high school, he originally took an elective in black & white photography as an easy way out, but soon he found himself in the darkroom every moment he could spare. Sure enough, the black & white medium is where Bosco’s light manipulation finds most expression.

If I could have my pick, my favorite subjects are older people – and as a general rule, the more wrinkles and spots, the better. Something about capturing age on a photograph transmits a kind of significance, which younger subjects don’t have – a certain combination of fragility and resilience…

like you’re getting a glimpse of the way time frayed them around the edges, and chiseled at the softer stuff…

Photography is currently a pastime for Bosco, but he hopes it continues to be a major part of expressing his creativity. He currently studies economics and environmental analysis at Boston University and plans on moving to South America to work with alternative energy use and development.

Although I never considered working with photography, maybe an immersion into a new place and environment will change that…


  1. awesome awesome stuff

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