I’d like to call attention to every explosive moment of silence that ever altered the course of humanity. Such as, the moment when you look in someone’s eyes and see the volumes of data encoded in the flecks of color in their iris, any twitch, no matter how minuscule is violently powerful. A pregnant pause when your parents chose to conceive you, or brushed past one another on the street and met eyes without even pondering your existence. Silence is crucial.

My grandfather used to say, “Silence is golden so shut up and get rich.”

My grandfather’s saying is only partially correct. The value and weight of a silence is measured in terms of connectivity and pivotal life-changing energy. However, people who experience such moments know: those silent moments carry more weight than a Colombian drug-lord and have a higher value than gold, American dollars, or even Euros.

Just as any fiscal fortune can be lost in the annals of commerce, so can the fortune promised by a moment of expressive silence. One must not let the extremeness of emotion induce paralysis. Sometimes an emotion is so strong it causes one to believe that time has stopped and their chest is a black hole sucking up all the matter in the universe. It takes impressive determination to force this vacuum shut and entertain your next thought, but the reward is one answer to the question: what is the meaning of life?

Morgan True

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