For the interest of full disclosure, the following isn’t about the current state of rollerblading’s industry or the lack of media exposure…It’s simply about what rollerblading has given me and the positive culture and community behind it…Not to mention how badass it’s become…

Mark Wojda skates, but he doesn’t skate alone. The first time I met him he explained that there was a group he associated with, a group that brings intensity and danger, risk and willingness to funk up one’s body all for the sake of smooth rolls along curves of the physical urban fabric…

When I first put on skates I never thought it would’ve influenced my life in such a positive way. From the personal freedom I feel when I strap on my skates to the countless friends I’ve made across the world, this fun individual thing I started when I was 5 continues to make me a better person.

Going out without any camera’s, shreddingwith my friends, each of us progressing in our own way..

that’s what I feel like it’s about. That’s what drives our culture/community. What it comes down to is people in our sport care about how its presented/portrayed towards the public, and this is just a simple way of branching out, and letting others know about another creative process, another thing Vonnegut would say, “Makes life more bearable.”

Words by Mark Wojda

3 Responses to “MARK WOJDA”

  1. told like a fuckin champ

  2. Eric Schrijn Says:

    BAD ASS!
    Good words bro, keep up the good work man and keep shredding!

  3. Whats Good? Heyyy…I Like the Words that you Made Dude! Love this Artikel!

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