aka Nicolas Richard is in the process of articulating his perspective….

He got his start with street graffiti and is currently a student of graphic design in Grenoble, France. But why graphic design?

Because I felt familiar with art in general, and my ex girlfriend  told me to apply to art school after I failed at high school…

so I did a preparatory [art] class and naturally headed to graphic design. It attracts me because it’s sexy…

and I couldn’t do anything else. Plus it has a close relation to music.

Nicolas dips his talents into collaborative projects. The t-shirt above is a partnership of APKNR X TELMINI (t-shirt available for purchase).

My visual identity is defined by pure & [elegant] shapes. As my work. Like a perfect heart.

What work do you prefer?

Definitely logotypes. It’s the purest and most difficult work in my opinion.

Nicolas also acts as Art Director of an art collaborative “Samuride”, a word which fuses samurai ( & the stealth required in the graffiti lifestyle) and ride for riding snowboards, skateboards, etc..exactly the sorts of things the crew designs for. The pair of skis below is part of this initiative, check out their website Here. APKNR has a wide spectrum of graphic design perspective to offer, and even more to discover. For Nico, good design is felt, and he has the skills to stir sensation in all who come across his creations. Definitely keep your eyes out for his work!

Peep some samples of his visual statement, but more importantly go to his online sanctuary HERE.

Portrait of Nicolas Richard taken by creator of Noumena: Forum of Ideas. The rest are property of Nicolas Richard.

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