Noumena (from the Greek νοούμενoν “I think, I mean”), refers to an object of human inquiry or understanding. It is independent of the senses but is a concept which derives from the tangible reflections of phenomena. Noumena are known only to the imagination.


Noumena: Forum of Ideas is a site that incorporates all elements of a creative lifestyle. The objects of interest are creative endeavors that have both visual and intellectual appeal. It is a place to look and reflect upon creation.
Though the things posted are indeed perceivable, as with phenomenon, their interaction with  past, present and future compositions in the creative world are thought provoking and threaded in the ever evolving continuum of human creation.
I would hope that you the viewer contribute, as this blog aims to showcase your creativity.
So poke around for quick bits of interesting and creative things. For any inquiries or if you would like to contribute to the forum, please send all messages to noumenablog@gmail.com.
Thank you, and I hope you enjoy!


Eleanor Amari: Director of Noumena: Forum of Ideas

photo courtesy of Gabrielle Houeix

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