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aka Nicolas Richard is in the process of articulating his perspective….

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For the interest of full disclosure, the following isn’t about the current state of rollerblading’s industry or the lack of media exposure…It’s simply about what rollerblading has given me and the positive culture and community behind it…Not to mention how badass it’s become…

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It’s too bad Vikesh Kapoor didn’t book a larger venue because his record release show on February 11 at the Democracy Center in Cambridge, Mass. was packed.  Kapoor was well complemented by his audience and his opening acts.  A ukulele player, Henry Finch, a 3 piece folk band Mister Sister and a physical comedian, performed with an energy that stems from their love and support of Kapoor and his achievements in song writing and performing.

“I recognize almost every one in this room right now!” he said before starting up his set, signifying that his fans have been loyal since the beginning.  If you get the chance to make it to one of Vikesh Kapoor’s shows (and you should before he starts charging 35 bucks a pop at the House of Blues Boston) you are guaranteed to walk away with a new story to tell and maybe a bit of inspiration.


There is the caress of the guitar, and the blow of the harmonica, and then there are his stories. His lyrics are sometimes solemn but his voice renders them kind. The most appropriate playing field for this musician is out in the open air, during spring time in the midst of nature.

The stories he tells about love and pain are also stories about regular people, a major part of the folk tradition. His way of storytelling seems to be what has attracted so many people to his music and kept his fans loyal.

Kapoor creates music that is fundamentally different from computerized pop music common today. This is part of his appeal. He brings you to a place where things are simple, to wheat fields or empty prairies, where the sun sets quietly and the wind speaks in whispers. Some of his songs feature refrains from traditional folk songs (think Bob Dylan), though he successfully reinterprets them in his musical field of vision making them expressive of his individual character.

Check out his MySpace for upcoming shows and to hear some of his songs. Or go straight to the source on his own website,

By Annie Berman


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Josiah Emsley wants people to see how he sees. No computer editing, no Photoshop. Josiah takes shots to make visible his unique experience.

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Camera clicks flutter from Bosco’s Canon Rebel XSi. Once his eye is on a frame, he employs the photographer’s  alveolar trill to capture the slightest second of a moment.

I think my initial interest in photography started at home. As a kid, my mother had converted a small we’d used for storage into a darkroom…I’d occasionally go in and watch her develop pictures… at the time the whole process seemed short of alchemy to me (images appearing on empty paper!), I think that photography always felt somewhat familiar because of it.

Bosco Lliso has been actively pursuing photography for five years. Starting in high school, he originally took an elective in black & white photography as an easy way out, but soon he found himself in the darkroom every moment he could spare. Sure enough, the black & white medium is where Bosco’s light manipulation finds most expression.

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Linni Kral’s life force is centered on the taste buds. Flavor, smell, presentation, all those things that go into the beauty that is the culinary art is her playground. This feature is an expository on her love affair with the finer flavors of life, the art of experiencing cuisine.

I’d love to say it started somewhere poetic, like when I cracked the sugary crust on my first creme brulee, but in all honesty, I used to be a huge square when it came to food, and coming out of my white-bread cocoon to become the omnivorous creature I am today took some growing pains.

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press2 Name: Thomas Mullarney

Location: Brooklyn NY

Education: Pursuing BFA in Sculpture at Pratt Institute

Subject: Musical endeavor under moniker Beacon


Favorite Songs on His Playlist:

Quarantined – Atlas Sound My Red Hot Car – Squarepusher RobertaFlack (feat. Dolly) – Flying Lotus Archangel –Burial Skeng –The Bug PWSteal.Ldpinch.D – Aphex Twin Way More –Diplo From Off to On – The Knife Les Enfants Terribles: The Bedroom – Phillip Glass Over the Ice – The Field


What do you try to accomplish with your sound?

There’s this scene from the Werner Herzog film “Encounters at the End of the World” where the scientists studying seals in Antarctica lay down on the ice, put their ears to the ground, and listen to these strange inorganic sounds that the seals produce. Later, Herzog interviews one of the scientists who says something about how strange it is that a mammal can produce these beautiful calls that sound so unnatural…

That’s what excites me about electronic music…

Those scientists lying down on the ice at the end of the world are a beautiful, if not somewhat quixotic metaphor for what I try to accomplish with sound.

Peep Beacon’s song Love Roller Coaster below, continue reading by following the Read More link.

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