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JR recently won the TED 2011 Prize because of his pervasive photography projects. What started as street art in Paris grew to become a global expository of individuals as unique entities, not as parts of this group, or that race, or this religion. The growth of his projects was organic, unexpected and miraculous all the same. View the video and read more in depth on this artist by clicking this sentence.



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“the lost art of productively losing control”


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Frank Gehry pumps out successful and incredibly innovative architectural pieces like a machine. Below are some photos of his latest work, The Art Gallery of Ontario. Click on the photos to access the blog in which the images originated, and where you can read more on the work.



Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris

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The “Arab World Institute” was built in Paris, France in 1987, designed by Jean Nouvel, to mark the centuries-long connection between France and 21 Arab countries. The architecture was made to reflect such ties. Interesting to the façade of the structure is the steel latticework integrated into the skin of the building. According to the time of day and amount of sunlight, the ornament opens or closes to protect the artwork inside.


View the movement here:

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EMPAC (The Experimental Media and Performance Arts Center) located at 110 8th street Winslow Building, Troy, NY, is an organization, a place really, where the fields of technology, science and art “challenge and reinforce each other”. It was founded by the oldest technological university, Rensellaer Polytechnic Institute. They provide phenomenal facilities for modern creators to experiment with innovative concepts to contribute to the global stage. The combination of driven artists and contemporary technology finds a strong centrifuge here.

Follow the link Here to view some of the artwork they display.

Click Here to view a fast-motion video of the building of their facilities (think of National Geographic’s capturing of plant growth in their shows and videos-but here it is the human interaction with the materials that take form into great architecture.

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taiwan_05Zaha Hadid Architects have created a new piece which rests gracefully on its landscape while casting shadows on the green skin of the land. The work is the “Next Gene Architecture Museum” in Taipei, Taiwan which is to exhibit architectural works while functioning as an art piece itself. The building harmonizes well with the pre-existing topograph while screaming modernity. View pictures HERE.

Genius Pool: Stefan Behnisch

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badaibling-05badaibling-09Metropolis magazine recently published an article on the new age of Form Following Performance, the age of energy efficiency in architectural constructions. German architect Stegan Behnisch and his firm Behnisch Architekten are leaders in desiging buildings that have unique, even weird shapes framed by production requirements, and today these requirements are for practicality of artificial form in nature.  Some tactics he has employed for example, has been the integration of engineers into the early stages of design, servicing the senses of the environment and people.

Check out the digital slide show, courtesy of Metropolis Magazine. Click on the photo of the “Ozeaneum” to start.