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Developing Design Within the Home: Individual Environment

Posted in Interiors on December 18, 2008 by ToroToroTokyo

25327413The most recent Feature on this site highlighted Rob Uslan’s talents through his bedroom. More generally, it was an example of how a bedroom can be seen as an entire composition, a work of Art. Todd Selby of the The New York Times recently took on a similar endeavor, photographing people’s homes as a reflection of their personalities. Here is a link to his slide show.



Simplicity That Startles the Eye

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Artist Sol LeWitt used simple tools like pencils, crayons, and colored ink to create simple geometric patterns on a large scale at Mass MoCA. His patterns hark back to childhood basics, taking “us back to the basics before they take us somewhere else”.

Play the Building

Posted in Architecture, Art, Food For Thought, Interiors, Products, TEXT, VISUAL on July 15, 2008 by ToroToroTokyo

David Byrne of the Talking Heads opened an exhibition in the South Street Sea Port in the Battery Maritime Building where you sit down at an organ that is connected to the infrastructure of the building-i.e. water pipes etc. You press a key and a burst of wind, vibration, or tick, is sent out to the building. The structure then produces a sound. It is a great interactive experience and FREE!

Here is the website.

Interactive Living

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“You cannot believe where we found this thing.

Good luck in your new home.”