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JR recently won the TED 2011 Prize because of his pervasive photography projects. What started as street art in Paris grew to become a global expository of individuals as unique entities, not as parts of this group, or that race, or this religion. The growth of his projects was organic, unexpected and miraculous all the same. View the video and read more in depth on this artist by clicking this sentence.



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Here is a followup to a previous post on Mark Wojda and the peak into the underground rollerblading world. The video posted below is a trailer for an upcoming documentary on top rollerbladers from the East Coast U.S.A & the world. The trailer is sure to grab your sentiments!


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For the interest of full disclosure, the following isn’t about the current state of rollerblading’s industry or the lack of media exposure…It’s simply about what rollerblading has given me and the positive culture and community behind it…Not to mention how badass it’s become…

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Words by Henry Fandel

Two-time (2005 and 2006) National Poetry Slam Individual Champion and 2007 World Cup Poetry Slam Champion Anis Mojgani is so honest, I sometimes believe the bristles of his mustache catch every exaggeration intended for the microphone.  Other days he’s clean shaven, and I think he might just be a 9 year-old boy in a 32 year-old man’s body, relaying his every thought to weird strangers in the crowd that want to hear his voice.  But every time after hearing this poem, the significance of his words settles in my brain like a snow-globe’s flurry, and it’s suddenly a snow day–I’m invincible.

Probably my favorite:

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This TED talk involves concepts of behavioral economics applied to our immediate experience vs. our memory.


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Jonah Lehrer, contributing editor for Wired magazine and writer for other publications like the NYTimes, author of “Proust Was a Neuroscientist” and recently “How We Decide”  successfully saddles knowledge of the scientific world and the more abstract part of life: emotions. He maintains that emotions are generated by experience and are an integral part of our decision making process.

How We Decide

The link above is to a presentation he made on “How We Decide” recently after his book was published. Chapter 3, of 20 chapters (you can skip to each chapter of the video according to what topic you are interested in hearing) describes a patient, Elliot, who had life saving brain surgery which was successful in most arenas – Elliot maintained his language skills, could count, speak, reason. But he was left with one negative side effect,  he lost all ability to experience emotion.  He couldn’t feel happiness or sadness: he became emotionally colorless. This led to a devastating change in his daily life. It took him immense amount of time to choose what he wanted to eat, what to wear. He became ‘pathologically indecisive’ – everyday decisions became time sucking obstacles.

This case helps prove that our lives are largely guided by a “subterranean world” of emotions, whether or not we are conscious of their activity. And this transcends mundane decision making to more meaningful choices, to moral choices. It’s fascinating that in a world whose history has placed precedent upon Platonic reason, it is really the emotions that are integral to decision making.

Check out his presentation, he gives a lot of interesting cases that open your vision to this topic.