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Tom Shannon’s Anti-Gravity Sculpture



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Accecare l’ascolto / Aveugler l’écoute / Blinding the ears

Artissima is a center for burgeoning artists and galleries.

Photograph taken from e-flux art newsletter 4/25/09

Exquisite Corpses: Thomas Glassford’s Public Art Projects

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“Mexico City based artist Thomas Glassford’s objects and large-scale projects are distinguished for their precise engagement with the layered materiality of the modern urban milieu. Often located in politically charged spaces—the US-Mexico Border, the Tlatelolco Housing Project in Mexico City– Glassford’s public projects forge a relationship between the artist’s interest in the history of our materiality (from the intimate workings of the body to the systems of transport and communication that connect/divide us) and specific places. In so doing, Glassford transforms places coded with violence, suturing their wounds or giving them new “skin”. These exquisite corpses establish the conditions for a new functionality without eviscerating memory or fetishizing trauma.”

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lone-fall-treeA lone fall tree captured by Dennis Frates in Montana, U.S. is a sample from the finalists of UK’s “International Garden Photographer of the Year” award. has 13 images, each from different photographers who captured different details of garden life. Below is a Poppy unfolding by Mary Sutton, and the Newscientist link sends you to the full show.


Genius Pool: Abelardo Morell

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Born in Havana Cuba, this photographer is well known in the art world for his innovative camera obscura images where he projects various parts of the world–exotic and urban alike–onto interior spaces. Times magazine featured him “In Focus”.

“Morell uses the basic principles of camera obscura to create these dreamy superimpositions. In some instances, the outside overpowers the inside, leaving only a trace of the actual interior space…”


“Camera Obscura of Central Park Looking North, Summer 2008″

View highlights of his camera obscura superimpositions in the Read More section or view his website with full works Here.

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From Afterall Issue 20, Spring 2009


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At the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, NYC.

Revolving Hotel Room by Carsten Höller.

hollerThe image was taken from Brian Sholis’ article ‘theanyspacewhatever’ in Afterall online journal where he discusses the,

“…Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum curator Nancy Spector [who] took one of the first shaky steps toward imposing a historical structure upon the seemingly untameable aesthetic proliferation of the decade just past.”