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Posted in Interiors, Products with tags , , , , , , , on July 2, 2009 by ToroToroTokyo

Designers Petra Lilja and Jenny Nordberg of Apocalypse studio based in Malö, Sweden have designed a blob of a lamp. It looks as though the heat from the light has melted the material. But in actuality the designers worked within the philosophy of Apocalypse studio, re-using materials to form a recycled and renewed piece. The studio envisions materials as having a “Past, Present, Future”. They take into consideration the full lifecycle of a given material and use this as a jumping board for industrial design.

The piece itself emphasizes the waste from plastic manufacturing factories. When readjusting machines for a new shape, these massive machines produce large blobs of wasted plastic. The designers took this material and reimagined the function of such globular forms by illuminating it as worthwhile.

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